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Only the finest, hand-picked links are here for your browsing pleasure. All of these are active and current sites which should and could help you with your Brazilian Portuguese. There are reference links in the sidebar too. Please leave a comment with any suggestions for further sites.

Other websites for learning Brazilian Portuguese

Delta Translator – a large section which is mainly a grammar reference. It’s good, but the presentation and the deluge of information make it difficult to digest.

Learn Portuguese Now – a good beginner website with some useful information. There is an impressive set of YouTube videos from the same people to help with phrases and pronunciation. Worth a look at:

Sonia Portuguese – has some good info and a few interactive quizzes. Good for beginners.

Websites with the same content in both English and Portuguese

Read in Portuguese, then check for words and meaning by reading the same thing in English. – the BBC’s Portuguese website. Many articles are translations of English articles from the main BBC website. – the Bible in hundreds of languages and versions. Read the Bible in Portuguese (O Livro) and then in English (New International Version is a good standard equivalent). – the hip guide to Brazil. Scroll down and click on “em Portugues” to read some articles in both Portuguese and English. – excellent blog on all things Brazilian. Click on the link for the Portuguese sister site which features translations of some of the articles in English. Also, check out eyesonbrazil’s excellent language pages for more Brazilian Portuguese help.

TAM Nas Nuvens – the in-flight magazine of TAM Airlines. Thanks to some very fancy graphics you can literally flick through this ace magazine online and get all the articles (mainly about travel and Brazilian celebrities and personalities) in Portuguese with a (nearly-but-not-quite-100%) accurate English translation alongside. Requires fast-internet access and your server to have the full complement of bells and whistles, but it’s worth it.

Terra Letras – a huge Brazilian website of songs with lyrics in both English and Portuguese. Many popular and well-known songs (from the UK, USA or Brazil) have translations in both languages.

News, Sport, Reviews etc. in Brazilian Portuguese

The cream of Brazil’s online media.

Band News – Brazilian news channel’s website.

Folha do Sao Paulo – The website of Brazil’s most prestigious daily newspaper.

Globo – the website of Globo, Brazil’s largest media organisation. Excellent for short articles on almost any subject of news and entertainment.

Revista da semana – the website of a popular, weekly news magazine.

Veja – the website of Veja, Brazil’s most-read weekly news magazine.

UOL – a large internet provider’s homepage (similar to Yahoo or MSN).

Children’s websites in Portuguese

Some kids sites have nice interactive sections like games, comics and stories which can be a lighthearted way to get a few more Brazilian Portuguese words under one’s belt.

Discovery Kids Brasil – the TV channel’s website with interactive games with all the characters from the shows. (Good if you have small children, I guess!)

UOL Crianças – mini-site from UOL with activities for kids.

Print books

I don’t know a great deal about what there is out there in print for learners of Brazilian Portuguese, just that when I was looking a few years ago cheap choices were very thin on the ground. Anyway, here are 4 books that have helped me with by Brazilian Portuguese in differing ways.

How to say anything in Portuguese, Ron Martinez. Ron is a friend of mine so I suppose I had to endorse his book. It is excellent though, it’s like a very comprehensive phrasebook that is rich with vocabulary and the idioms of Brazilian Portuguese.

Quebrar o Galho / Break the Branch, Jack Scholes. I wrote a review of this book here.

Portuguese in Three Months, Maria Fernanda Allen. Using this book I was able to learn Portuguese in 6 years, not 3 months! I would not recommend it as THE way to learn Portuguese (it’s too dry and grammar heavy), but it has become quite handy as a useful summarising grammar with some controlled practice activities to complement less-structured ways of learning.

A Cabeça do Brasileiro, (The Brazilian Mind) Alberto Carlos Almeida. Not a book for learning Portuguese, but a book in Brazilian Portuguese. This book is a fascinating social study of Brazil. Based on recent surveys across ages and regions of the country, the 300 pages are full of charts, diagrams and tables and the text is straight-forward enough for an Intermediate learner. Reading it taught me a lot of Portuguese and a lot about Brazil. have a useful, short post about 5 books to help you learn Portuguese.

(Two other books which taught me a lot about Brazil but are in English: The classic text The Brazilians by Joseph A. Page and Futebol: The Brazilian Way of life by the English journalist Alex Bellos).


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