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Some of you may know about the excellent website already – experts from various fields around the world talk for a short time about their “idea”. A great way to learn something new, fast.

I was happy to discover that’s own internal video streaming set up now has optional subtitles included, mostly in English. And several videos have subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese. If you read this blog and don’t live in Brazil, and so don’t have access to DVDs with Portuguese subtitles etc. then this site would probably help you a lot. For a real challenge, watch the video with no sound, using only the mute images and subtitles to help you out. If you have time, watch the video again – repetition reinforces new vocabulary.

Here is one such video with Portuguese subtitles about the nature of happiness – very thorught-provoking.


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I recently checked out this website. It claims to be an almanac of Brazilian popular culture. It certainly has a lot of content on many strange and interesting aspects of Brazilian people and life. For example, I discovered that there are parts of Brazil with their own currency – a measure designed to keep money in the local economy. I also read an article about an incredible British lady called Margaret Mee who spent years cataloguing flowers in the Amazon, and so on…

Anyway, short, pithy, well-written Portugese articles are here.

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Oasis in Brazil

The British stadium rockers Oasis are in Brazil on tour. One of their lesser-known songs has Brazilian subtitles in the video above. Oasis’ lyrics are pretty non-sensical in any language but, hey well… Coverage in the news of Oasis, photos of their concerts etc. can be found here.

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Ronaldo dressed as a nun!

If you’re a fan of football, or even if you’re not, you have to watch this video! Ronaldo, now at Corinthians, is once again a hero after he scored 13 goals to help Corinthians to the state championships here in Brazil. Here is Ronaldo singing a number from Sister Act. Someone has helpfully subtitled the song back into Portuguese. Pay attention to the appearance of Brazilian president Lula on piano…

And, if you haven’t seen this already, this is what happened when Corinthians lifted the state championship trophy. Fireworks + streamers + raised platform = potential health and safety hazard. But, in true Brazilian form, once the fire was out everyone just got on with the business of being in a party…

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They don’t speak Spanish, you know!

This website has practice activities for people learning Brazilian Portuguese at Intermediate level or higher. Please browse around or click on ABOUT to find out more about how to get the most out of the site.