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Madonna performed to 70,000 people at the Maracana last night. Apparently, it rained for some of the show prompting Madge to reach for an umbrella at one point. Click here for a bunch of the news reports and pictures about it.

Two videos with subtitles of Madonna here. Just search “Madonna legendado” for a whole lot more including some interviews.


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If you`re ever in a waiting room in Brazil, you`re bound to have copies of CARAS lying around. CARAS means faces (or, in slang, it could mean “guys” or people). It`s the Brazilian version of Hello! or OK magazine, filled with pictuers of dream houses, weddings, fashion and celebrities.

The CARAS website has some good content for all ages and if Hello! magazine was your thing in English you should definitely check this out to help your Portuguese:

What I really, really want, though, is a link to CARAS International which is a weekly publication from the same people with bilingual English-Portuguese articles about celebrities from around the world. I`ve only seen the print edition (pictued above) so keep an eye out for it if you`re in an airport somewhere, or in a Brazilian waiting room.

But, I can`t find an online edition for CARAS International… If anyone knows of one, post the link here please?

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Calvin and Hobbes

This is too good not to pass on…

Someone is translating (I think unofficially) Calvin and Hobbes into Brazilian Portuguese. Comics are a fantastic way to practice a language as the dialogue and pictures set the context and you have a “punch line” to try and work towards. So, I’ll be reading this frequently I guess.

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They don’t speak Spanish, you know!

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