Uma chance de viver (Animal Prosthetics)

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I read a genuinely fascinating article recently in the print addition of Veja on prosthetics used for animals. It raises some interesting questions – are animals worth the time and expense of top scientists and developers when the human need is still so great? But, as the article explains, maybe the developments in animals prosthetics will benefit humans too. The text has some complex and technical words but is rich in the vocabulary of the animal kingdom, body, health and science. I’ve included a short glossary below and then some T/F questions to see if you’ve comprehended the text well. Click the Answers page above to see how you did. You can read the article here:

A short glossary of words from the article:

águia = eagle
bico = beak
cachorro = dog
cão (pl. cães) = big dogs/hounds/canines
cauda = tail (i.e. flipper on a fish)
ceifadeira de trigo = scythe, large knife (lit. chopper of wheat)
desafio = challenge
golphinho = dolphin
doença desconhecida = unknown illness
leve = light
osso = bone
osséa = bony
parafusos = screws
pata = animal foot/paw
tiro = bullet

True or False?

1. The eagle lost part of its beak as a result of human action.
2. The eagle has a permanent beak made from nilon.
3. The elephant lost its foot by stepping on a land mine.
4. The elephant already has a prosthetic foot much lighter than 10 kilos.
5. Two dolphins are mentioned in the article – one is from Fiji, the other Florida.
6. The dolphin called Winter was injured by a speed boat.
7. The suction gel developed for a dolphin proved to be useful for an American soldier.
8. Fixing prostethics to bones involves a high risk of infection.


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